Megan Gale gave Turia Pitt a brilliant parenting tip (and you can do this too!)

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Of course the brilliant Turia Pitt is friends with the incredible Megan Gale. Rad birds of a feather apparently really do fly together. (Apparently they also swap tips about how to raise their little chicks!)

Turia tips!

Turia Pitt and fiancé Michael Hoskin are mum and dad to three-month-old Hakavai, the darling-est little baby boy you ever did see! If Turia’s brilliant blog has thus far passed you by, you have to add it it your reading list quick smart! She packs it with excellent advice on how to make your way in the world as a woman and a mum.

Her latest update, inspired by the gorgeous Megan Gale, is a perfect example of the positive and practical gems she shares — and the optimistic way she approaches life.



In this latest missive, Turia explains that having a better day is sometimes down to simple mindset shifts. She says she likes to switch up “the words I use when talking to myself and others.”

“What does that actually mean?” we hear you ask.

It means tweaking negative or loaded language to something much more positive. We’ll let Turia explain:

“When you’re faced with something that you usually find annoying, challenging or frustrating, swap the words ‘I have to’ for ‘I get to’,” Turia suggests, revealing that she uses this tiny tweak-for-good in her work, and also in her approach to parenting her baby boy.

“When I get woken up at 3 am by Hakavai, instead of thinking ‘I have to go and feed Hakavai‘ I think ‘I get to go and feed Hakavai!’. It’s a simple mindset shift that reminds me how lucky I am to have a healthy little boy.”

“When I need to go to a work event that I’m maybe not in the mood for, I swap ‘I have to go to this event’ for ‘I get to go to this event’. Again, it reminds me how lucky I am to get to do the work I do.”

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Gratitude first

This optimistic and gratitude-led approach works across a whole bunch of situations, Turia says.

“Next time you think ‘Ugh, I have to go and do XXXX’, try to swap that with ‘I get to go and do XXXX’. It works in just about any situation …. except maybe cleaning the toilet?”

While this might seem like a tiny tweak that can’t possibly make much difference, it’s these small changes that gather the most momentum, in the long term.

“They seem so innocuous, too simple to work,” Turia agrees. “But when you practice them every day, you see seriously positive ripple effects throughout all areas of your life.”

“When you change your thoughts, you change your whole world.”


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