Turia Pitt’s blossoming baby bump is giving us all the happy feels

Turia Pitt pregnant

It has been two-and-a-half months since Turia Pitt and fiancé Michael Hoskin first announced they were expecting and as her December due date creeps closer, the mum-to-be is sharing a steady stream of joy-filled photos and we couldn’t be happier for the pair.

It’s a boy!

The happy couple posted an adorable gender reveal video on Instagram last month, standing either side of a bunch of balloons as Turia popped a big black balloon that burst to reveal baby blue confetti. Both jump for joy at the news, and their excitement is infectious, with Turia captioning the video, “Who’s Frothing more?!”.

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Who's frothing more?!

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In an on-air interview with The Today Show earlier this month, Turia revealed she had a sneaking suspicion she was carrying a baby boy. “I just felt like it was a boy. I already knew before the gender reveal … he was just being a cool guy.”

Resilience not happiness

Since revealing their happy news, the first time mum-to-be says she has been asked what lesson she most wants to teach her son, admitting on her blog that it is something she has thought a lot about.

While every parents’ default is to hope their child grows up to be happy, Turia says there’s no way any parent can guarantee their children will be happy all the time. “We all face challenges in our life. Part of living is accepting that we’re gonna face times that are stressful and hard, and very often, those things will be completely outside our control,” she writes.

“So the main thing I want to impart on my son is resilience – the belief that he not only will go through hard times, but that he can,” she adds.

Tough times only make you stronger

No one is better equipped to teach her son resilience than Turia herself. The 30-year-old, who suffered life-threatening burns to 65 percent of her body in the Kimberley Ultra Marathon in 2011, has since gone from strength to strength, no matter what life has thrown her way.

“Because of what I’ve been through I know that I can get through hard times and I know that I’m capable of anything I put my mind to. That’s what tough times teach us. I want my son to know that the hard times he faces aren’t going to weaken him – they’re going to make him stronger,” she writes.

Revealing she doesn’t let tough times weaken her own resolve to push through. “Each time I go through a tough time in my life now, I think ‘I’ve had tough times before, and I’ve survived them – I’m gonna survive this one too.'”

Pregnancy hasn’t slowed her down

Turia was preparing to trek to Mount Everest when she discovered she was pregnant. Understandably she chose to put the health of her unborn baby first ad withdraw from the walk.

“I wanted to do the walk, and then I thought about it and you know it’s not just myself I have to think about and Everest Base Camp there’s high altitude, low oxygen, not much sanitation and if something happens to you it’s really hard to get to a medical facility,” Turia said. 

But that doesn’t mean pregnancy has slowed her down, with her Instagram feed constantly flooded with photos of her keeping active in spite of her growing bump.

Squeezing into her Spring Cycle jersey

Jumping off a wharf and into the ocean

Jet-setting all over the country

We can’t wait for Turia and Michael’s December baby to arrive, no doubt he is one lucky little guy to be blessed with two awesome people as his parents.

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