Dad supports new mum with super-helpful mental health checklist

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Quite often stories pop up online pointing out the annoying things dads do. So it’s a total delight to see some dad-celebrating behaviour popping up over on Reddit.

“An incredible man”

An appreciative mum shared a gorgeous photo of a hand-written poster her partner had made for her and both the poster and the accompanying story are melting hearts across the internet.

“My husband is such an incredible man,” Reddit user My Little Dot wrote in her post.

“He has exuded nothing but love and support while I battle PPD/PPA.” (That’s postpartum depression and postpartum anxiety, in case you were not 100 percent clear on it.)

“He wrote this for me to look at while he’s at work and can’t be there to help me through my panic attacks,” she continued, explaining just how important these dot points are to her.

“I’m so unbelievably lucky to have him.”

“You are loved”

Here’s what the poster says, in case you are struggling with mental ill-health — or just overwhelmed — and need a go-to list of things that may help ….

Feeling Down?


  • You are loved by your husband and two perfect babies.
  • You’re interesting, smart, pretty and witty. Your opinions matter!
  • When you’re feeling sad, that feeling will pass even if it doesn’t seem so.


  • Deep, long breathing!

Have you:

  • eaten much recently?
  • spent time outside?
  • moved your body?
  • gotten a hug or a kiss from a love?
  • done anything for yourself?
  • had much sleep?
  • told yourself you’re human and are allowed to feel sad?

What an awesome guy!

People on Reddit loved the list, the intention behind it and the kind dude who wrote it.

“I teared up reading this. What an awesome guy,” one wrote.

“Me too!” another mum agreed. “I suffered from PPD after our son was born and I think the only reason I made it through was my job working with kids dealing with mental health and forcing myself to try the coping skills we use with them. I think your husband is amazing.”

“Oh, this is so sweet!” someone else posted. “I just love seeing a partner being a PARTNER. You should laminate it and keep it in your baby box when you’re done with it!”

We love this list. We love this mum for sharing it. And we love this dad for writing it.

Teamwork truly does make the dream work.


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