Nice and natural: 7 brilliant beauty products for modern mamas

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If you’re keen to avoid nasty ingredients and reduce your use of packaging and single-use items, then this story is a great place to start. 

Go natural!

We’ve sourced a starter pack of excellent natural beauty products which focus on natural ingredients and are mindful of their environmental footprint too.

Here are a bunch of nice things you might like to include in your beauty regimen.

1. A bar of shampoo

Shampoo with a purpose

Shampoo with a Purpose are keen to reduce the  amount of plastic bottles we consume in the bathroom. They’re the genius folk behind these brilliant shampoo and conditioner bars. These two-in-one bars are soap-free and contain nourishing natural and sweet-smelling ingredients.

2. Organic, probiotic deodorant

Kind-ly vegan natural deodorant sticks contain essential oils and ingredients specifically chosen for their antimicrobial properties, keeping you dry and sweet-smelling no matter how busy your day is.

3. Sweet lips!

Dearest Lips lip balm doesn’t contain any synthetic fragrances or artificial flavours. This small batch lip balm is handmade and comes in 100 percent biodegradable packaging. 

4. Natural cotton buds

These Green + Kind Bamboo Cotton Buds are 100 percent compostable and are crafted from sustainable bamboo with a natural cotton tip. They come in recyclable, compostable packaging for zero waste. 

5. Solid shampoo #2

Solibar natural vegan shampoo and conditioning bars are formulated with a brilliant balance of natural super ingredients and are handmade in Melbourne. A hint of fragrance guarantees your hair is left smelling super delicious.

6. Resusable make-up removal pads

Face Halo reusable make-up remover pads  quickly and easily remove makeup and come with a wash bag so you can launder and reuse them. One Face Halo can replace up to 500 single-use makeup wipes. They’re super gentle and efficient, making them perfect for any skin type or sensitivity. 

7. Natural toothpaste

Love Beauty Foods Mint and Neem Tooth Powder is 100 percent natural and vegan. It contains aloe vera, turmeric and peppermint to prevent bacteria build-up and bad breath. This jar replaces up to 4 tubes of standard toothpaste, so it’s a win for your teeth and landfill too!

Are you ready to feel like a natural woman?!


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