The no-fuss beauty regime even tired mums can get on board with

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Making an effort is the last thing you might feel like doing after having a baby, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, all you need is five minutes in front of the mirror.

Speaking to Kinderling Conversation, Bernadette Fisers, makeup artist and author of The Little Book of Big Beauty, reveals a beauty regime we can all get on board with.

But first, here’s a couple of things Bernadette wants you to know.

Fancy doesn’t always equal glowy skin

The only thing you absolutely have to do is cleanse. “Definitely cleanse before bed,” Bernadette says. That, and apply sunscreen every day. 

Bernadette credits the sun for causing 80 percent of the damage to our skin, so a daily application is really important. “If you want to prevent those wrinkles, that’s really the only way to do it.”

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Believin’ the dream

You don’t actually need to spend a lot of money on beauty and skincare products. The problem is the pretty packaging, and unfortunately, a lot of the time, that’s what you’re paying for. “So you might you might buy a moisturiser that’s supposedly amazing and it’s going to cost $400. But the actual reality of that is that if you buy that $5 moisturiser, that has a very similar ingredient list, it’s going to do the same thing – you’re paying for the packaging,” says Bernadette.

What about wrinkles?

Active ingredients are what you need! Bernadette says, “They are things like vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B. Niacinamide in products is a really good one for brightening your skin. But what it does is possibly reduce your pigmentation.”

“All of those vitamins can be found in a serum, or mixed in with a moisturiser, so if you can’t be bothered putting on the serum and the moisturiser – buy one thing.”

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Oil cleansing is a thing

Or, don’t buy anything. Oil cleansing is gaining in popularity at the moment, and we bet you already have some in the cupboard. 

“I love oils,” says Bernadette.”I’ve done a lot of travel this year. I’ve been to Asia and France and all of the big beauty capitals and what is super-popular in Japan … is oil cleansing.”

Bernadette, recommends hemp oil, but olive oil works too

“So what I do is, I’ll use hemp oil from the chemist, to cleanse,” Bernadette explains. 

“So rather than using a cleansing wipe, I’ll put the hemp oil on my face and using a warm face washer, I’ll take it off and I’ve almost cleansed and moisturised in one go.”

The bare necessities

So what’s the bare minimum you can do before walking out the door in the morning? 

Bernadette says the following will leave you feeling fresh and dewy and looking like you’ve had a holiday. 

I’m not talking about an hour and a half in the bathroom while your kids are running around screaming. I’m talking about five minutes in the mirror. Just a quick little do-over,” she says. 

  1. First, apply sunscreen followed by a tinted moisturiser or BB cream. 
  2. Next is a little bit of concealer. “That’ll hide those bags after staying up late at night, and cover any pigmentation.”
  3. Mascara. “Just to open up your eye a little bit.”
  4. Gloss or lippy. “Something I might do is put on a lippy, and then I put my finger on my lippy and use the colour on my cheeks as a blush.”

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