The different types of mum friends all of us REALLY need

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I’m celebrating mum friends this week after a great night out with one of my faves. Mum friends are just the best! Not only are they people we click with, but they also get our chaotic, wonderful, crazy life — because they’re living it too. Her baby is teething, yours just cut a tooth last week. That kind of thing.

Each mum friend we have in our circle though also brings different talents and gifts to our lives. Here are the seven best mum friends I think every woman needs in their life.

The practical mum

I love this mum! She’s level headed, but kind. She’s the person I phone whenever I have a problem because she listens to me and gives practical, helpful advice. She helps me see things clearly when I’m emotional and she drops over a lasagna when I’m sick. She also wears stretchy pants because they’re comfy, not because she’s trying to work off a mummy tummy at the gym. 

The happy to babysit mum

Now this is a mum we 100% need. If you run into her at the shops she’ll offer to mind your baby while you dash to the loo. She’s a great person to have in your life because she lets you have a date night or haircut. You also don’t feel guilty about taking her up on her child-minding offers because you’ll simply return the favour for her. She’s like a grown-up babysitter from the Babysitter’s Club, but who you trust.

Babysitter with little girl on swing

The ‘let’s have a glass of wine’ mum

This mum doesn’t take anything too seriously. She’s fun, she pours you a glass of vino during a play date and she makes you belly laugh, big time! She often borrows nappies from you because she forgot to pack them, but you find her scattiness funny, and love her carefree nature.

The baker mum

If you aren’t a baker yourself (puts up hand) then you’ll definitely want to make friends with this talented mama. She’ll bring delicious homemade muffins to your mother’s group and better yet, she’ll offer to make your child’s birthday cake for you. I have one of these amazing friends and this is the cake she made for my son’s first birthday. I know, lucky me!

Leon the lion cake

The ‘been there before’ mum

Mums with three or more kids seem to have lower standards than first time mums. They don’t sweat the small stuff, like their baby eating the Vegemite toast he just dropped on the floor. This mum knows when to worry and when to brush something off, or to put it all down to ‘age appropriate behaviour’. This is a fantastic mum to know because whenever you have a question to do with your baby, she’s guaranteed to have lived it herself. She’s wise, experienced and a great go-to person.

The super organised mum

This mum is a little nauseating because she is so damn on top of things, but she’s also great to have in your life. She’ll remind you when it’s a friend’s child’s birthday, magically give you the cream for your child’s ailment and she always carries healthy snacks in her enormous Mary Poppins nappy bag.

The kindred spirit mum

She likes the same things as you (“Oh, I love that scarf!”) and you just know if you were to both take a ‘what’s your parenting style?’ questionnaire, you’d score the same thing. She nods in agreement when you tell her your thoughts on the ‘cry it out’ sleep method and mums who get snarky over kids riding each others scooters at the park. She’s a great person to call when you need to vent, because she understands your feelings and view point.

Two mothers laughing

The keeping it real mum

This mum makes you feel okay about dropping the ball in your own life. She keeps it real. She’ll laugh about wearing her husband’s undies because all of hers are in the dirty clothes hamper. She’ll also fess up to giving her kids fish fingers for dinner three nights in a row because she hasn’t done the weekly shopping.

Celebrate the mum friends in your life and if you are missing one of the above, be sure to be on the lookout for her – she is pure gold and you’ll soon wonder how you’ve gone all this time without her.


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