First-born child truths that all parents will recognise

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First in, best dressed?! For a little while, your first-born is a “temporary only child”. Then you have the bright idea or happy accident of growing your brood – and everything changes BIG TIME!

If you’re pondering the differences between your first-up kiddo and those that came afterwards, here are a few things to keep an eye out for. While they won’t apply to every family, these first-born trends endure:

First-borns are more natural leaders

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A Norwegian study that examined people born between 1912 and 1975 concluded that despite no marked difference in kids' IQs, educational achievement was highest in first-borns and diminished according to birth order.

First-borns are apparently 30 percent more likely to be CEOs or politicians, and some researchers theorise that the early taste of power they receive as THE older sibling becomes irresistible in later life!

Others suggest that older children learned discipline from their parents, the kind of discipline they may have been too tired to impart as efficiently with subsequent kids

Source: The Atlantic


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