What happened when Kristen Bell confronted a paparazzo outside her kids’ school

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Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard have been vocal advocates for a “no photos” approach when it comes to celebrity kids. Kristen’s latest brush with the paparazzi proves she’s not just talk, she’s all action – especially when it means she’s keeping her kids safe.

“Putting my kids at risk”

Kristen’s mum to two little girls, three-year-old Delta and five-year-old Lincoln. She spoke at the Mom 2.0 Summit recently, revealing that a photographer had stalked her children all the way to school – and she was having NONE of his nonsense.

“I said, ‘Kristen, you can handle this,'” Bell recounted to event host Today’s Natalie Morales during the California event on Friday. She says with her kids still in the car, she drove across the street and used her vehicle to block his car. She got out, approached his car and knocked on the window.

“Hi,” she said, when he wound the window down. “My name’s Kristen. Do you realize how much you are putting my kids at risk by photographing them at their school?”

“I have confidence your mom raised you better,” she then told him quietly, requesting he delete the images, which he apparently did. 

Kristen said it was all in the delivery. “If I had gone up to that car and yelled at him, I guarantee you he would not have deleted those pictures.”

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No Kids Policy

Kristen and Dax have long pleaded for privacy for their kiddos, resulting in the launch of the #NoKidsPolicy when Lincoln was a baby.

#NoKidsPolicy requests media outlets promise never to publish photographs of celebrities’ children without their parents’ permission. The initiative hopes to stamp out the market for images of famous types’ kids and was created after tiny Lincoln was “terrorised” by money-hungry paps.

This is the latest in a string of incidents where the children of celebrities are targeted:

  • Rachel McAdams kept her pregnancy and birth a secret, only to have her baby photographed without permission in the weeks after birth.
  • Tessa James had hoped to keep her baby away from prying media eyes, but photos of her walking with her newborn were splashed cross media sites a couple of weeks ago, regardless.
  • And Blake Lively was snapped with her daughter, attending an Easter Party thrown by Martha Stewart. Her team contacted multiple reputable media outlets who had published the image, requesting they unpublished it (which many did).

And that’s just for starters. This is obviously a problematic and evolving issue. Here’s hoping that the media really does learn to respect famous parents’ choices when it comes to exposing their (non-famous, innocent) kids.



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