Fifi Box shared a photo of her baby in a car seat and guess what happened?

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Fifi Box is now a proud mum of TWO gorgeous girls. Trixie is five years old and baby Daisy is two months old.

Welcoming Daisy

Since baby Daisy was born, Fifi’s been making an extra special effort to keep her followers updated on the little family’s life. She’s shared a bunch of beautiful photos showing Trixie helping to care for Daisy in brilliant big sister style, Daisy having playdates with some other gorgeous kiddos (below … cute!) and snapshots of herself getting used to the juggle that is being a mum of two.

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Insta verses reality ❤️❤️ @fifi_box

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An update earlier this week showed a snoozing baby Daisy cosily strapped into her car seat.

“Snug as a little bug 🐛” Fifi captioned a photo tagging in brands Baby Jogger and Mercedes Benz. (Half her possibly sponsored luck!)

But followers were on high alert as soon as this image appeared in their Insta feed.

“You are a brave lady posting a car seat pic,” a follower warned. “Mum brigade will be out in force.”

“Cue the unsolicited advice,” another wrote.

They weren’t wrong

“She is sooo cute and squishy,” a follower posted. “Also I know you probably know this but in case you dont, need to lift the head rest & straps, also maybe remove the padded straps, gives a better fit.”

“Those pads need to be on her shoulders Fifi,” someone else commented.

“Beautiful little girl. Her shoulder straps might need to be a little higher though,” yet another person wrote.

“Strap pads are to protect/cushion their face,” someone else wrote helpfully. “My sister told me this. I had no idea. But she looks so darn comfy and all seems to be in order.”

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My tiny one 💕

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“Please don’t be offended by the comments with car seat advice, they all come from a good place to help you ensure that your precious cargo is 100% safe at all times,” one mum wrote.

“By moving her headrest up, the straps will fit over her shoulders snuggly. You may also have to move the strap height up a notch, as straps must always come from above the shoulders when rear facing. I learnt how to keep my precious cargo safer in the car when someone noticed and told me how I was not using the seat right, and i am so so thankful to them!”

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Snug as a little bug 🐛 @babyjoggerau @mbbrighton

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Tactless? Superior?

It’s clear that most people were trying to be helpful and kind, but perhaps a private message is better in that case?

Plenty of followers were keen for the advice-givers to back off.

“If she wanted advice she would ask for it,” someone suggested.

“People just can’t wait to act superior,” another fan wrote.

“I wish we lived in a world where people didn’t need to put others down, or show others they know more by posting on social media … It has truly become a sad sad world,” one follower posted.

Obviously, Fifi wants to keep Daisy safe, but there are ways and ways of letting her know that the wee bub is not strapped in optimally. And surely if someone’s already left a comment to that effect, you don’t really need to bombard a knackered and trying-her-best mum with another. And another. And another?

Just a thought.

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After school cuddles 💕

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