Ditch the itch! A pain-free, no comb way to treat head lice from Hedrin

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Along with the return to school, comes the possibility of those icky school-related ailments, like head lice. Every time you see your child scratching their head for more than a millisecond, your stomach sinks and you begin ferreting through their locks. If you’re new to the head lice game, fear not! We’re about to show you just how easy it now is to ditch the itch – pain-free, comb-free and in just 15 minutes!

What if we told you there was a way to treat head lice that doesn’t involve painful little combs, smelly treatments and can be used on babies from six months old, and pregnant women? No, we’re not living in a parallel universe, and in fact, we’re going to show you just how it’s done!

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Hedrin has a great range of treatment options available, if your kids do happen to bring some extra visitors home from school atop their noggins. Hedrin says all its treatments have been clinically proven to kill not just head lice, but their eggs as well. They’re also gentle on skin, odourless and don’t have any ingredients that will trigger asthma. While they are gentle on those using them, Hedrin products are ruthless when it comes to head lice. They physically attack the louse, and according to Hedrin, this means their products are more likely to kill lice that have built up resistance to other insecticides.

Hedrin 15

No need to resort to bribery to get the kids to have their lice treated – in just 15 minutes this fuss-free treatment will have them sorted. Hedrin 15 is potent and fast, and the best news is there’s no need to comb it in! The active ingredient in Hedrin 15 is Dimeticone, and this clever addition is what immobilises those nasty lice. And if they can’t move, they can’t feed. Not only that, this treatment will also kill the eggs. It can be purchased as a 100ml Spray Gel or a 100ml Liquid Gel.

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Hedrin Treat & Go

If you want to sort your children’s lice, but keep on powering through the day, Hedrin Treat & Go is the solution. It’s a water-based formula, which means it dries nice and quickly and can be left in the hair for up to eight hours as it does its work. The kids can go about their day, or it can be done just before bed. Again, no need for combing it through – you can dry it with a hair dryer or let it air dry, but no one will even know it’s there. Hedrin Treat & Go is odourless and has no greasy appearance, so the kids will feel confident to continue whatever they have planned. This option works by using Activdiol to strip away the louse’s waxy cuticle, ensuring it won’t live another day! It comes as a non-drip 100ml Mousse or a 100ml Spray.

All of Hedrin’s products have to be applied to dry hair only, and the hair needs to be covered from the roots to the ends, and massaged in using nothing more than fingers. Then, before wetting the hair, shampoo needs to be applied directly to the hair. A second treatment is recommended after seven days to ensure any hatched eggs are also treated.

Take a look at our video tutorial to see just how easy it is to discreetly and quickly deal with head lice.

For more information on head lice and how to treat them, have a look at the facts at Hedrin.

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