Jimmy Giggle updates us on his baby Mack’s health crisis

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Jimmy Giggle aka Jimmy Rees and wife Tori endured a terrible time recently with their son Mack, and they’ve now shared some updates on how their baby boy is travelling.

Touch and go

The couple’s two-month-old was hospitalised after a tongue tie correction went horribly wrong and a major blood vessel was cut during what should have been a routine procedure.

Mack was rushed off to hospital where medics performed CPR on the struggling little guy. He underwent a blood transfusion and was put on a ventilator. 

Thankfully Mack is made of very strong stuff. After some touch-and-go moments he responded well to treatment and now is well and truly on the mend.

Jimmy has been sharing updates on the family, grateful that his son is recovering and reassuring fans that it’s onward and upward.

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The Old Bath Poo!!! The cheeky devil on the right was responsible for a bath poop ? tonight while Tori, Lenny and he we’re relaxing in said bath ????!! But don’t worry @rees_tori caught it ???? called me and passed it to me who put it in the toilet and the bath could continue!! How was your afternoon? #teamwork #parentlife ?

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“What a legend!”

Young Mack is still a little peaky, but looks very, very happy to be home where he belongs.

“Although he has a very sore mouth still and through all the craziness, doctors appointments, pain meds, sleepless nights … he manages to punch out the biggest smile of his life!!” Jimmy posted on Instagram alongside a photo of Mack fist bumping the entire world.

“What a legend!! Go Mack!!” he – quite rightly – declared.

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Bros back together ?!!! ???!! @rees_tori

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“Bros back together”

Mack was discharged from hospital just over a week ago, and very happy to be reunited at home with his twin Vinny.

“Mack is out of hospital and home, continuing his recovery, still has a very sore mouth but he is getting there. Wrapping him in cotton wool for a while now, the precious little fella,” Jimmy posted as he alerted concerned fans to his baby’s continuing recovery.

“Bros back together,” he captioned another post of Mack and Vinny busting out some tummy time together.

This cute gang are pushing on with admirable resilience, fronting up to a superhero party and sporting some excellent costumes as they thank their lucky stars that everyone is now recovering from their horrible shock.

We hope Mack is 100 percent very soon – and from all accounts, he certainly will be!


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