Jimmy Giggle and wife Tori update us on their baby’s near-fatal procedure

Jimmy Giggle and family

Jimmy Giggle and wife Tori reveal they nearly lost their baby boy, but he is now thankfully out of the woods.

“We are going to be OK”

Jimmy and Tori are mum and dad to three boys named Lenny, Mack and Vinny. Twins Mack and Vinny are two months old. Lenny is now three.

Yesterday we told you about this poor family’s terrible experience, as baby Mack was hospitalised after a tongue tie correction went wrong. 

Today, Tori has let fans know that they are through the worst, but that it was very much touch and go. Two-month-old Mack nearly died after a major blood vessel was cut during what is usually a simple tongue tie correction procedure. 

“Stuck in my head forever”

Tiny Mack lost a lot of blood due to his injury, was raced to hospital in an ambulance and had a giant team of medics working on him to – thankfully – save his life.

“A time that will be stuck in my head forever. I have the strongest little man in the world,” a relieved and red-eyed Tori wrote on Instagram, sharing some photos from the hospital where Mack and his twin Vinny – who is healthy and well – are pictured snuggled up together.

“Mack you are a true fighter. After a failed tongue tie snip on Thursday afternoon, my son was rushed by ambulance to Gosford hospital where he laid in resus and had over 30 people working on him. CPR, blood transfusions, ventilator, emergency surgery, NETS transfer, ICU, and a hell of a lot of drugs my Mack has proven the specialists wrong and is slowly mending.”

“Daddy loves you little Mack”

Tori thanked the staff who looked after Mack and made sure he got through this terrible time.

“Gosford emergency department, you saved my son’s life – you were incredible,” she wrote. “I love my family, I love my sons, I love my friends, and thank you so much for your thoughts – we are going to be ok.”

“A time we will never be able to erase,” Jimmy posted in a matching Instagram update. “Thanking the wonderful doctors and nurses at both Gosford Hospital and Sydney Children’s. Thank you all for your well wishes. Daddy loves you little Mack.”

Hug your babies

Fans of the Giggle family were so relieved to hear that Mack is slowly on the mend.

“Crying tears of joy,” one wrote. “Your family has been in my mind since your first post. So glad he is getting better.”

“Terrifyingly scary,” another commented. “Thank goodness he’s going to be ok. What a fighter.”

“How heart breaking,” one fan posted. “All the best for a speedy recovery and I hope some counselling is available to you, mum and dad, you’re both doing amazing and! this is a trauma you’ll never forget. Sending big hugs, and thoughts for Macks speedy recovery. Thoughts are with you, and a big ups to you both for your strength and courage.”

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We are so beyond excited to share our amazing family news about welcoming two insanely beautiful boys into our family! Mack and Vinny, you have completed our family in so many ways. We are completely and utterly in love and can not wait to do life with you together as a family of 5! I would really like to take this time when I am sharing our families insanely special time to acknowledge the hardships so many families and women are going through in their own fertility journey. Jimmy and I had a very personal tough journey that is so important to acknowledge. Those families who are struggling- please stay strong, please don’t give up hope on that family, please get help in whatever way you can, please allow yourself to grieve and please speak up to people who understand- I am so right there for anyone who is going through a fertility journey of their own. So much love to everyone. I am feeling so full, so loved up and just so insanely BLESSED in every single possible way. Xxx @jimmyrees_ #twinning #mummaofboys #watchoutforbabyspam #fertility #realstories

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An outpouring of love

Yesterday Network Ten announced that Jimmy would now withdraw from popular dance show Dancing With The Stars.

“Due to personal reasons, Jimmy Rees (aka Jimmy Giggle) has decided to withdraw from Dancing With The Stars,” their statement reads.

“His seven-week-old son, Mack, recently suffered complications during a routine procedure and is in hospital in a stable condition. Understandably, Jimmy has left the competition to be by his son, and wife Tori’s side, during this difficult time.”

Thank goodness Mack is going to be OK. We’re sending so much love to this lovely family at a very scary time.

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