Tricerataco makes taco night extra roarsome for kids!

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Taco night. Probably one of the best things created for parents in the history of parenthood. Made even better by adding … dinosaurs!


Taco night is a beautiful thing because it’s healthy, simple and best of all, the kids love it. Bigger kids that is. Littles love it too, but there’s no denying that taco assembly requires the kind of dexterity and coordination their tiny fingers don’t yet have.

The young ones just need a little (or a lot!) of help keeping the food on the table, inside the taco shell and transferring it successfully into their mouths. And they don’t stand much chance roping in their older siblings for help, because they’re too busy trying to beat the world record for how many tacos they can shove in their mouths at once!

That’s where the world’s greatest gift to tacos comes in. 

Say hello to the Tricerataco Taco Holder!

taco holderThe Tricerataco Holder is BPA free and dishwasher safe, and will hold a standard size taco shell beautifully while little hands load veggies, meat, cheese and guacamole all the way to the top.

The simplest family meal on earth just became simpler!

Get your Tricerataco Taco Holder at Matchbox for $14.95.

That’s what I’m taco ’bout!

happy little girl with tacos and thumb up


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