Mismatched socks? Yes please! Fun for little feet with new Pals creature socks

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Stop everything! Finally, there are socks for children that are mismatched … on purpose! Introducing Pals: where two cute (and deliberately non-identical) creatures get to face off on your feet in a range of super colourful, fun and quirky designs. Socktastic!

Pals for life

Think a lion and zebra can’t get along? Or cats and dogs don’t mix? Think again! Pals socks pair up two very different ‘friends’ for kids to pop on their feet to create both a cool, unique style AND a fun game to play! Children can have pretend fights with their critters, role play with them, sing songs about them and more.

sock collage

Pals – turtle and frog, or fox and bunny?!

Fun and clever

With cool design pairings such as a zombie and werewolf, ladybird and caterpillar, or dragon and unicorn; there’s a match out there for every child. And if the socks themselves aren’t cute enough, they’re also sending impressionable youngsters an important and positive message that they don’t always need to have friends who are exactly like them in every way. Different is awesome!  

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Twinning time

And if you’re the kind of mum or dad who likes to rock the same threads as your little one then get excited because Pals socks also come in adult sizes and designs to match your child. Well, that’s your Father’s Day present sorted this year, right?! 

adult and child socks 

Sock it to me

Keen to get your hands on a pair, or ten?! Pals socks are available in a large range of colourful styles and different sizes for babies, toddlers, kids and adults. Prices range from $9 to $25 (plus shipping) for individual pairs, combos and gift sets. Sock fun for everyone!

For more info or to buy Pals socks head to palssocks.com or www.mysockcompany.com.au.

ladybug and caterpillar


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