Three of the best reusable straws for Australian families

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All kinds of things we initially thought were awesome – latex balloons, flushable wipes, disposable plastic straws – have proven to be really crappy for our environment and the creatures that live in it. Thankfully we now know better and we can now choose better.

If you’ve been keen to tote your own straws and ditch the plastic ones for good, here are some excellent places to start.

The best reusable straws for kids

Ever Eco bamboo drinking straws

These straws are crafted from whole bamboo stalks and contain nothing re-compressed or processed. They cost $12 for a four pack and there’s a cleaning brush included in the box.  

Pop some in your cart over at Hello Charlie.

 The best reusable straws for kids

Little Earth’s Nest drinking straws

These 100 percent food grade silicon straws are perfect for juice or water or milk, but also wide enough for smoothies. They’re built with a bend and come in five cute colours. These straws are $15 for a five pack and include a cleaning brush too.

You can snap them up at Little Earth’s Nest.

 The best reusable straws for kids

Ever Eco stainless steel drinking straws

Perfect for all kinds of drinks, these rose gold coloured straws are also dishwasher safe. They’re $19 for a four pack and come with a cleaning brush.

Grab a pack at Ever Eco

Less than $20 seems a small price to pay to keep pesky straws out of our waterways and off our streets, don’t you think?!

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