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Before we even fall pregnant, women are told time and again how important a healthy pre-pregnancy diet is for fertility and optimal pregnancy health. Then, when the real deal happens and we do get that little bun growing in the oven, the pressure to eat well and look after our health is even more real.

And it doesn’t end there for those of us who aim to breastfeed – our health is still intrinsically linked to our babies’, for as long as we are their main source of sustenance.

Making healthy choices

While most women do our best to maintain a great diet during pregnancy, cutting our alcohol and caffeine intake and avoiding ‘risky’ foods like soft cheeses and deli meats, it turns out we could be doing MUCH better. Research shows that despite 61 percent of women believing their pregnancy diet to be healthy, in actual fact, 100 percent of women do NOT meet the recommended amounts from the five food groups each day that are required for optimal health at this crucial stage of life. 

It’s clear that women are finding it hard to make the best food choices – what we really need is our very own personal chef, right?

Meet Pregnancy Chef

Well, we have good news! Pregnancy Chef is an exciting new meal delivery service changing the game for women who are pregnant, breastfeeding or trying to conceive. This handy service takes the hassle and guesswork out of staying healthy, delivering delicious, nutritious, ready-made meals to your door.

Pregnancy Chef - two meals from the website range

The range of meals is honestly drool-worthy, and it’s no wonder. Each meal was designed by none other than renowned chef, David Bitton and approved by Advanced Accredited Practising Dietitians to ensure you’re getting the very best in both nutrition and deliciousness for every meal. It really is the closest thing to your very own personal pregnancy chef.

With a huge range of seasonal meal choices and the option to customise your own meal plan to suit your tastes and dietary requirements – yes, even vegan! – each meal is able to be popped into the freezer until you’re ready to use it. Just heat and eat.

Pregnancy Chef - range of pre-packaged meals

The Pregnancy Chef website even includes a handy counter that calculates your total veggies, proteins and grains as you add meals to your order, helping to ensure you’re getting all the good stuff you and your baby need each week. You’ll find lots of tips on pregnancy and breastfeeding health and nutrition there, too. 

Available across metro regions in NSW, QLD and VIC, Pregnancy Chef offers convenience, peace of mind and yummy, safe food (that doesn’t require shopping or preparing) for women through early motherhood. There’s really no downside!

Find out more and check out the delicious range of meals at Pregnancy Chef.


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