17 great foods for baby led weaning

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You don’t have to start your baby’s culinary journey out on purees and mush. Baby led weaning – where bub self feeds is another option that has a lot of support. Proponents of baby led weaning say it develops good eating habits and allows bub to learn not only how to eat, but also how to tell when she’s had enough.  

Baby led weaning doesn’t mean you are weaning your baby off breastmilk or formula, but rather adding new foods to her diet. You can only start the process when your baby shows signs she’s ready. These usually happen around the six month mark when your little one can sit up. 

If you want to give baby led weaning a go, try to keep food pieces fairly long and thin so your baby can grab it with her hand. First foods should also be cooked until soft, but not so mushy that she can’t grasp it with her fist. Also, avoid giving your baby any obvious choking hazards and beware of your little one’s natural gag reflex when she’s eating (it’s natural to panic when you see this kick in!).

Still unsure if baby led weaning is the way to go for you and your baby? You can always do a mixture of purees and finger foods. There are no set rules! The important thing is that you offer your baby a varied diet and you steer clear of adding salt or sugar to her food. 

Here are some of the best baby led weaning foods to try. 

1. Avocado

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Full of good fats and nutrition, avocado is the perfect baby led weaning food. It's soft, creamy and also mushes up in the mouth when being 'chewed' by toothless gums.


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