Amazing video of baby “feeding” his breastfeeding mum

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If you’ve ever been a hungry breastfeeding mum you’re going to love this video from South Carolina mum, Paula Goodwin.

On a bit of a nostalgia trip, Paula recently dug out the video of her then 18-month-old son, Zachary, feeding her hot chips as she breastfeeds him in a restaurant.

Have you ever seen anything more endearing?

Here’s how Paula described the moment:

“During nursing, I noticed he started shoving what I thought were his fingers or some other gross object that does not belong in the human mouth into my mouth,” she said. “But when I realized what he was actually doing, I asked my sister, Traci, who was with us to see if she could catch some of it on camera. And the rest is history!”

What a smart and thoughtful boy. 

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Those (hungry-making) breastfeeding days

If there is one lingering memory I have of my breastfeeding days it was hunger – I couldn’t eat enough food.

And it seemed that after running around all day, it wasn’t until I sat down to nurse that I’d realise how hungry I was.

Only problem being – it was always a little hard to get up again!

But little Zachary took care of that for his loving mum.

As Paula writes:

“This was a moment I’ll never forget and am so ecstatic we got it on video! Love my babies and the experience of exclusively breastfeeding my last one! I even had a chance to wet-nurse! The 3 yrs of nursing is something that changed my life and will carry with me through the remainder of it.”

A bit of love to start the day

Paula’s video has been shared about 2 million times and she says she’s touched by the warming response.

“I feel when mothers see this it will strike a nerve just due to the many levels of breastfeeding it touches on. As simple as it is, you can still kind of get the feeling of what a nursing mother goes through; the tired nights, rushed, cold meals, and the hope that your selflessness will live on and not go unnoticed by your children.”

The experience wasn’t repeated but Paula says little Zachary who’s now four-years-old has become quite the “little gentleman.”

“He opens doors and always makes sure I walk ahead of him. He absolutely knows the meaning of ‘ladies first’ and maybe it started that day in the restaurant?!?!”

Who knows, but his thoughtfulness brings a smile to your face at the start of the day, doesn’t it?


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