Apparently these are the ‘worst’ baby names you can choose and … whut?!

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Look. Let’s just say you should take this list with a grain of salt from the get-go.

Are you guys SURE about this?

We think this shows not what the worst baby names are, but actually how different we all are, how much negative people impact our baby-naming choices and how cranky some people seem!

“What would you never name a child and why?” one Mumsnet user asked fellow forum fans. It’s clear that this question found a hot button topic and it pressed it over and over and over again!

A whopping 589 comments later there were thousands of names declared undesirable and a lot of them seemed really, really … nice!

“Crikey,” one Mumsnetter commented. “Are there any names left that haven’t been mentioned here at least once?!?” and we totally get where they’re coming from.

Sorry ladies!

Interestingly it was girls’ names that seemed to be despised by the absolute truckload, with boys’ names being raised much less frequently.

Some of the ‘worst’ names and reasons they were disliked included:

  1. Mia – Because it means ‘missing in action.’
  2. Clementine – Because the “Cl sound is like clearing your throat.”
  3. Rhys –  “A name you’d pick if you’re trying to sound posh.”
  4. Lana -Because spelled backwards it says something else.
  5. Fanny – “For obvious reasons.”
  6. Amelia – “So whiney.”
  7. Ophelia – “Abandoned, driven mad with grief and drowns herself. Why would you choose this name for your baby girl?!”
  8. Damien – Because The Omen.
  9. Ella – “It’s just so wet and drippy.”
  10. Maxim – “That’s a lad’s magazine!”
  11. Poppy – “Because you might accidentally misspell it as Poopy in a Christmas card.”
  12. Jude – “It makes me feel as though I have something stuck in my teeth.”
  13. Grace – Because “there are very few accents that say it gracefully.”
  14. Luna – “It’s a pet name.”
  15. Graham – Because “it sounds like Grey Ham.”
  16. Flora – “Makes me think of bacteria.”
  17. Elliot –  “It makes me feel ill. I hate the film E.T.”
  18. Alexa – Could clash with Amazon’s virtual assistant.
  19. Mercedes – “She’s a child, not a car.”
  20. Andrew – “For the very simple reason that I can’t bloody say it, for some reason it comes out ‘Anjoo’.”

Geesh. I mean that’s a lot of nice names for a ‘worst’ baby name list, right? Poor Ella! Poor Lana! Poor everyone! Sigh.

The truth is as long as you like your baby’s name – and you didn’t choose something like Hysteria or Woodworm for your littlie – that’s all that counts as far as we’re concerned. 


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