Chrissy Teigen asked Twitter to dress her baby and we understand

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Cookbook author, TV host, model AND mum-of-two Chrissy Teigen turned to Twitter for advice on what her baby boy Miles should wear to a special event.

A Twitter guide to dressing mini-John

A whopping 900 000+ people voted on the two outfits she was tossing up between. You read that right.

Look. It’s fair to say we’re all generally a busy lot, but not too busy to vote on a Twitter poll seeking to ‘Choose the perfect baby tux’ it would seem!

I myself voted (I chose white!) along with a few thousand people shy of a million and was thrilled to note that my favourite outfit won the most votes.

“Okay guys. Throwing John’s 40th birthday party tonight but need your help dressing mini-John. Which one?!” Chrissy tweeted alongside two adorable photos of baby Miles – one where he’s dressed in a white tuxedo and one where he’s dressed in the more traditional black tuxedo.

When the post received an influx of fashion advice, Chrissy set up a Twitter poll to collate the answers more efficiently. Thus – to date – 67 percent of respondents thought he white tux was the absolute best and honestly I feel weirdly validated.

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Seeing double 

People were made very happy by this unexpected glimpse at formal Miles, because it was another opportunity to play spot the difference with John and his wee son.

Miles should wear “whatever colour John isn’t wearing. you know, so people can tell them apart,” one follower posted.

“Why does he look more like John Legend than John Legend,” another pondered thoughtfully and they’re 100 percent telling the truth.

“It’s as if John Legend was zapped with a shrink ray,” someone else quipped.

“I think she put him in the dryer for too long,” another follower theorised.

“Staaaaahp with this tiny waiter cuteness, my ovaries can’t handle this shit today!” one Miles fan wrote.

Still, another follower had the genius suggestion of dressing John and Miles as Dr Evil and Mini Me … and gosh we will never, ever stop hoping for this. (See below!)

And watch this gorgeous video if you fancy having an even nicer day …

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