Helpline: Moving house, toilet training, extending overnight sleep and more

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Helpline with Mothercraft nurse Chris Minogue is back for 2019!

With over 30 years experience helping families all over Australia, if you’re having issues with your little people, Chris can help. From the dreaded sleep regressions to tummy time, breastfeeding tips, sibling rivalry and more.

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In this episode of Helpline Chris looks for solutions and strategies to deal with the following topics:

  • Maintaining your routine during a house move with a 13-month-old
  • How to bring bedtime earlier for an eight-month-old
  • Toilet training a three-year-old
  • Hitting behaviour and frustration from a three-year-old
  • How to get a toddler to eat at dinner time
  • Helping a 15-month-old out of bad sleeping habits
  • Stopping a four-year-old from coming into his parents’ bed
  • Night terrors with a 14-month-old
  • Extending sleep overnight for an eight-month-old

You can ask Chris your own questions by emailing us at

Happy new year families! We're back with Helpline and Mothercraft nurse Chris Minogue and Shevonne Hunt for 2019.If you've got a question for Chris about everything from preparing for your first baby to toddler tantrums and more, ask your questions below now!

Posted by Babyology on Thursday, 10 January 2019

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