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It’s safe to say that most parents, especially first timers, are winging it. Sure, there are books, experts and family members that offer advice, but there’s a stage every parent goes through where we’re not sure what to expect or whether we are making the right choices or not.

To add to the mayhem, we came across some insanely weird baby and toddler facts that we can guarantee you didn’t know. Even if you’ve got two or three kids under your belt. Prepare to be blown away by the sheer craziness of this tot trivia.

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Did you know that children don’t grow when they get a cold? Or how about that newborn babies don’t have kneecaps?

No? Me neither.

And here are several more seriously strange facts about babies to chew on (and share with all new parents out there).

  • Babies are born with 300 bones while adults have 206. Bones fuse together during growth.
  • A baby cannot taste salt until around four months old.
  • Most newborns will lose all the hair they are born with in the first three or four months of life.
  • A newborn wees about every 20 minutes. Once they hit six months. the wee factory slows to about once an hour.
  • Newborns can crawl. Babies as young as a few hours old have been documented ‘breast crawling‘ up their mother’s stomachs to reach the breast.
  • Babies do not cry tears until about three weeks. Before then, their ‘cries’ are simply screams without tears.
  • A baby’s foot by 18 months will be half the size of their adult foot. Truth.
  • A child’s nose and ears never stop growing.
  • The most popular months for babies to be born in Australia are October, March and May.
  • The average toddler takes 176 steps a minute.
  • If your baby continued his first year’s growth rate, he would be 170 feet tall by the time he becomes an adult!
  • Human babies are the only primates who smile at their parents.
  • A new baby usually deprives each of its parents some 350-400 hours of sleep in the first year.
  • Children laugh on average 300 times a day, adults only 60.
  • Toddlers learn, on average, five new words every day.
  • The most active time in anyone’s life is generally when they are the age of two, which explains why it’s so flipping exhausting chasing after a toddler all day long!

10 "Weird" Baby and Toddler Facts!

Posted by Blossom on Monday, 16 May 2016

So, while you may still feel a little lost when it comes to self settling, whether to start solids at four months or six months or whether to co-sleep or not, at least you learned something new about your baby today.

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