Incredible video shows just how instinctive newborns really are

Can a newborn crawl? You answered no, didn’t you. Well, you won’t believe your eyes, but this video proves that yes, it is completely possible for a newborn to crawl when the incentive is strong enough.

And what stronger incentive for a newborn than breast milk.

A hungry baby knows no limits. Just ask this incredible newborn, who, at only a few hours old, manages to crawl his way to his mother’s breast.

When left uninterrupted, the baby is able to use his legs, his mouth and his arms to “breast crawl” his way to the milk.

Breast crawling is something that many little ones can master, if left to do it. It is considered a beautiful bonding experience and allows a baby to get to know his mother’s body, her breast and his instincts.

The video, posted by Oaxaca Digital, has struck a chord with new mums, with close to  29 million views. For more incredible moments in breastfeeding (and bottle feeding), check out to all mothers who feed babies (no matter how you do it), this post is for you. 

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