Mum bribes baby with food to say “mama” … is shocked when dog says it first

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A mum decided to bribe her baby with something yummy in the hope that the little one would finally utter the word she most wanted to hear – “mama!” What happened next surprised her as much as it did us.

Say “mama”

Utah mum Andrea Diaz-Giovanini figured a well-timed tasty treat might encourage her nine-month-old son Sam to say the word “mama” and thankfully she shared her efforts with the world.

In a clip uploaded to YouTube, the little guy is positioned in front of Andrea, right alongside the family dog, Patch. Andrea (and some other family members) can be heard coaching the baby, with some help from a container of what looks suspiciously like Chinese food.

As she offers a fork full of food she enunciates “mama” clearly for her son in the hopes that the will mimic her.

Pupper Patch knows what’s up. He is totally into this game, making longing noises and eyeing off the fork with much excitement. As Sam looks distracted and bemused, Patch barks, groans, licks his chops and twitches his ears.

You can practically see the cogs turning in Patch’s doggy brain as he plots how best to get that forkful of food into his puppy mouth.

As the family coach Sam with a series of “mamas”, Patch cuts to the chase and … simply says “mama” on Sam’s behalf. 

It’s a surprising plot twist and possibly the first time we’ve ever heard a dog speak quite so clearly. Not only does Patch say “mama” – he keeps on saying it, over and over – “mama, mama, mama” with his gaze trained unflinchingly on the snack at hand.

The family erupts into giggles and Sam, sensing the focus has shifted, offers the dog a friendly but firm series of pats. On the face. With a quite forceful open hand. 

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Doggy Einstein

Commenters were delighted by Patch’s chatty reveal and decided he was a genius.

“Give that dog a scholarship,” one fan posted.

“Dog should be able to read by now,” another declared.

“More proof that animals can actually talk but just do it in secret all the time,” someone else suggested – and we have to admit we’re kind of with them!

Apparently, Patch was speedily rewarded with his own hearty meal, to celebrate his new found language skills.


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