Nine reasons to love babies (and have another ASAP)

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Sometimes it can be hard convincing your other half (and yourself, to be honest) that it’s a good idea to go again and add to the clan. Being a parent is the greatest job in the world but also the hardest. And the baby stage can be quite difficult for many parents, especially if you enjoy sleep.

But let’s put the negatives aside for a moment and focus on what matters – the reasons why babies are, simply put, the sweetest things on earth and why you should put down the iPhone, go forth and procreate (after you read this article, of course).

1. They smell soooooo good

They can make air fresheners that capture that ‘new car’ smell, but no one has bundled up the new baby smell just yet. And perhaps that’s because this smell is so unique, so precious and so addictive that it could wreak havoc on society.

So, for now, new baby smell is reserved for babies. And enjoyed by new mums all over the world.

2. They help you appreciate the little things in life

Like how amazing five hours of sleep really is. And how exciting a poop that doesn’t explode all over the floor can be. And how a smile, a laugh, a giggle or even a burp, can be the most incredible sound you’ve ever heard.


3. They fit so perfectly in your arms

And on your chest. And nuzzled to your breast. And flopped across your stomach.

4. Babies give you a great excuse to avoid social outings you really don’t want to go to

The baby is sick. Or asleep. Or simply too perfect to leave with a babysitter. Sorry, but I’ll have to give it a miss … 

5. You get to play dress up

And take countless photos of bub in different outfits, positions and backgrounds. Even if you’ve never had an interest in photography before, you will after having a baby.

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6. They make the cutest faces

It’s no wonder mums can’t anything done during the first few months – it’s impossible not to stare in awe at the sweetness that is your baby.

7. They help you slow down

While life does get crazier with a baby, having a baby also makes you slow down. Hopefully, you will get a break from work and have some time to appreciate your little person.

Some days you may not get a thing done except attempt to settle bub. Some evenings you may spend hours cuddling your baby, breathing in her smell and holding her close to help soothe her to sleep. It’s these moments that really help you see what matters.

8. They love life to its fullest

Every discovery they make, from how their toes can wriggle to how a ball bounces, is a new adventure for your baby. And the best thing about this is that you get to relish in their excitement and help them make these discoveries.


9. But, most of all, they look at you as if you are their whole world

Which you are. And having this type of responsibility, albeit scary, also gives you pride, peace and fulfilment like no other job can. Knowing just how much your baby loves you is such a rewarding and beautiful feeling. At this stage, you can do no wrong.

Cherish it – because this stage doesn’t last long. And the world of toddlerhood is a whole new ball game!


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