Take the fear out of trimming tiny baby nails with the Buzz B Nail Trimmer

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If the thought of trimming your child’s nails reduces you (or them) to a fearful mess, we have just the thing to save your sanity.

I can still remember the mortifying moment when I was ever so carefully snipping my first child’s nails and managed to catch a tiny fold of skin in the clippers. The tears, both his and mine were enough to put me off the task of nail trimming for some time. Necessity, as they say, is the mother of all invention, and the need for safe, easy to use child nail trimmers was vast. Along comes these clever trimmers, which have just landed on the Australian market.


The ZoLi Buzz B Nail Trimmer is, for those of us who are challenged in this area, a saviour. The battery operated gadget safely trims nails with a gentle oscillating action. It comes with a set of cushioned pads which are specially designed for a baby’s nails, so they won’t damage skin. The pads come in different textures to suit children from newborn through to twelve months plus.

The Buzz B has two power settings, so you can use whichever you feel comfortable and it takes one AA battery. Have a look below at how it works.

The ZoLi Buzz B Nail Trimmer is available from Lil’chick Baby & Kids Products for $40.


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