Piers Morgan dad-shamed Daniel Craig, and the internet is angry (us too!)

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Twitter has responded in the best possible way to Piers Morgan mocking new dad Daniel Craig, and we are so here for it.

Here’s what went down. 

007 “emasculated”

The TV personality, Morgan, shared this image on Twitter of Craig – best known for his role as James Bond – carrying his new baby girl. The actor and his wife, Rachel Weis, welcomed their daughter last month.   

And the internet (rightly so) has lost its chops!

Hit a nerve

In the image, Craig, 50, is seen doing something very, very ordinary. He’s simply taking his baby girl out for a stroll, by wearing her in a carrier – Just. Like. Every. Other. Parent.

But for some reason, Morgan, known for being controversial, felt this was worthy of a tweet. And it was the #emascualtedBond hashtag that followed his “Oh 007.. not you as well?!!!” comment that has made our, and the entire internet’s, blood boil.

Because …


There are a number of reasons why the tweet has ruffled a few feathers.

Firstly, it’s just plain sexist. Morgan is basically saying that a dad carrying his baby is emasculating him – because you know, parenting is women’s business and men who are seen doing it in public are stepping into a motherhood role.

Secondly, it’s so insulting to dads – by mocking Craig in this way, Morgan is also mocking fatherhood, as well as dads who enjoy the closeness of carrying their babies.

Lastly, it devalues dads by making them feel that the most important and greatest job they have is worthy of a tweet bagging it out. 

The internet is firing back

The controversial tweet has peed off people far and wide and there is now a thread trending inviting dads to share their baby wearing pics in protest.

Here are some of our favourites:

Thor mustn’t be a real man either

As the ‘share your dad baby-carrying pics’ thread carried momentum, with more and more dads posting images of themselves wearing their babies, one user shared this image of Chris Hemsworth – ahem, none other than muscle man Thor himself, being “emasculated”.

Then the backlash got nasty

And although we don’t support body shaming, we couldn’t help but laugh at this one:

So dear Piers Morgan, please think before you tweet. Hell has no fury like a world of pissed off parents with a Twitter account.

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