Make every moment count: 7 unexpected baby moments to cherish

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It’s true, time really does ‘fly’ in that first year with a baby. They’re growing fast, and you’re just trying to stay on top of the feed-play-nap cycle. But there’s always a moment or two that stops you in your tracks. When all the hard stuff falls away and you just know – this is what it’s all about.

1. Falling asleep in your arms

At this age, babies fit so perfectly into the crook of your arm or the curve of your neck. And watching them slowly fall asleep in your arms is pretty amazing. Press pause. Don’t worry about the sleep schedule or the housework. Just enjoy their soft little breaths and chubby little thighs. This is gold. 

2. Rolling around on the rug

Sure, you can’t wait to see your little guy take his first steps. But there’s something really special about these early days before he starts tearing into the world; when he’s just happy hanging on the rug with you and holding your hand. When have you ever enjoyed lying on the floor staring at the ceiling this much?

3. Bonding at nappy time

You’ll be cycling through lots of nappies in these early days, so change time is actually a really lovely moment to bond with your baby. There’s nothing sweeter than watching him gurgle away on the change mat. Plus, if you’re using a soft, breathable nappy like Huggies Ultra Dry Nappies, you can feel good about what’s going on their skin. These nappies are terrific because they are now even softer, with up to 12 hours of Huggies leakage protection and tailored absorbency for boys and girls – they help keep your bub comfy and dry, day and night.

4. Feeding your little one

Whether you’re breastfeeding or bottle feeding, a few times a day you get to have a little break and watch your baby feeding. Every parent knows how good it feels to cradle their baby in their arms at feeding time. Pure happiness. And knowing that your baby is getting the nourishment they need is deeply rewarding. 

5. Sitting in the sunshine

You’ve finally made it to the park, with nappy bag, blanket and toys in tow. Now you can stretch out on the grass and just let your little one roam through the grass or kick their legs happily on the rug. Babies live so purely in the moment, and as they stare at the birds and everything around them, it’s the perfect time for you to unwind as well. 

6. Snuggling up with a sibling

If this is your second baby, you’ve been through the blurry first year before. But this time, you get to see your eldest child forming a bond with their new sibling. This is the beginning of a life-long relationship between them both, and seeing the two of them together is something special. 

7. Getting dressed up

Make the most of all those little onesies you’ve got stashed away. Babies grow so quickly, you’ve only got a small window to enjoy that super-cute outfit grandma gave you, and soft little baby bodies just look unbearably cute in, well, anything. Don’t forget to take lots of photos!

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