Looking for a brilliant no-nonsense nappy? We trialled ALDI’s new Mamia nappies

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I always wanted to have my kids close together in age, so it was no real surprise when I found out I was pregnant for the second time. It meant that my children would be a neat two years apart in age which would be lovely.

Lovely in the long term – but I suddenly realised halfway through my pregnancy that this would actually mean that I would have two children in nappies full-time, as it looked as though my toddler daughter had no intention or interest in toilet training any time soon.

So that meant having two children in nappies 24/7 – that’s a lot of nappies! And a lot of nappy changes. 

Brilliant nappies that work for kids – both big and small

I have been a fan of the Mamia nappy range since my toddler, Teeya, started daycare at around nine months old. We had tried a couple of brands of nappies already by that age, but when the daycare centre told us that they used Mamia nappies, I thought they were worth a try at home too. If the daycare centre used them on so many children, they must be pretty reliable, I thought. And I was right. 

And so since then, I have always put Mamia nappies into my weekly supermarket trolley. So, of course, it was a no-brainer decision when baby Dheer was born three months ago. I already knew and loved the brand, so he went straight into the newborn Mamia nappies.

So can Mamia nappies be made even better?

Being a Mamia nappy lover already, I was really interested in road testing the new and improved range to see how they could make something that was already pretty good in my eyes, even better.

So after a week of putting these new and improved nappies through their paces, what did I notice?

Mamia nappies still deliver everything I love about them – they’re hypoallergenic, making them perfect for sensitive skin and they continue to make good on their promise of up to 12-hour leakage protection. And they are the same fantastic price. 

They deliver all this and more.

With the new soft and stretchy waistband on the bigger sizes, you can get the nappy into an even more snuggly fit on the body than before – and this means that as the nappy gets full, it continues to fit the body better rather than sagging with the weight of a full nappy.

And even when the nappy is full and begging to be changed, the skin feels dryer and I know that my toddler finds this more comfortable than ever.

The new nappies seem to be more explosion-proof too. You know those newborn poos that somehow manage to escape the nappy and make their way into every bit of clothing, bedding as well as skin folds and hair? Well, we’ve had those kinds of poo incidents – but the new nappy has captured everything, which has to be some kind of baby magic.

“So pretty, Mama”

It might not have any impact on the actual performance of the Mamia nappy, but the thing that has gotten the most attention at our place with these updated nappies are the gorgeous new designs – a giraffe for Teeya and a bunny for Dheer. My Little Helper is now very, very keen to fetch me nappies for her baby brother at every change!

My verdict?

Any nappy that can reduce that number of times I need to change my kids each day and through the night is a winner for me. The quality of the nappy is my top priority – I need a nappy that can contain the mess as well as keep my kids comfortable for longer. And the new Mamia nappy does all of this.

Price is also really important for our family – and it’s fantastic that the whole range is so incredibly well priced. Having to buy nappies for two children, it makes a real difference to our weekly budget that we don’t have to spend a fortune on this essential.

And for Teeya? It’s double thumbs up for the giraffes!

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