Is The Baby Banana the next Sophie the Giraffe? Lots of parents say “yes!”

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There’s a new kid on the block when it comes to teething toys and it’s got over 7000 gushing reviews on Amazon from grateful parents.

Meet The Baby Banana

BuzzFeed clued us in on this new teething phenomenon and we were keen to tell you about it in case it helps your baby feel better.

The (apparently magical) Baby Banana retails for around $10 on Amazon (and yes it does ship to Australia!)

It’s actually an infant toothbrush, but fans of the product say it soothes little gums and makes teething kiddos feel MUCH better. In fact, all the cool kids with non-hurty gums are using them, so maybe it’s something you’d consider for your own little one?

Baby Banana toothbrush

Its makers tell us this cute silicone unit comes with a bunch (!) of brilliant features: it’s safer than hard plastic toothbrushes, it’s dishwasher and freezer friendly, the thick bristles massage sore teething gum and it’s cute handles make it easy for little hands to hold.

Baby Banana toothbrush

“My baby loves this teether”

Anyone who has dealt with a miserable teething baby will know that parents will pretty much do anything to stop their child from suffering. Parents who snapped up this cute toothbrush are now singing its five-star praises.

“My baby LOVES this teether!! I bought it for him when he was 3 months old (he started teething around 2.5 months) but it was hard for him to hold things since he was just starting to grab. This banana teether was very easy for him to grasp and put in his own mouth. The grip is great, it’s very ergonomic for a baby and I love the feel of the silicone.” – Melissa

“My baby loves this teether we got it when he was 5 months old when he started teething really bad and it helped so much. Wish we had bought it earlier than that. It’s one of his favourite toys and goes with us everywhere. My son doesn’t like any of the other teethers out there so this was, and still is, literally a lifesaver. It’s easy to clean and very durable. Originally the bristles and nodules on it massaged his gums to help with teething pain.” – Danielle Aguilar

“After looking for (and trying) various baby teethers, I came across the Baby Banana and decided to buy one for my then 4-month-old. He was at the stage where he wanted to constantly chew on something with his gums. If your baby is at the “grab and put everything in mouth” stage, THIS is the toy/teether for you. My baby is now 6 months old and this is still his favourite toy/teether to play with. It keeps him busy for a good 20-30 minutes (which all parents know is pretty crazy).” – FeatherBrain

Thirty minutes does seem like a long time to play with a banana! #snort

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