Real life guide: The world through the eyes of a 10-week-old baby

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Ever wonder what it’s like to be your 10-week-old bub? They seem to have it so easy, while you’re a sleep-deprived mess. At times you may even start talking nonsensically to them requesting you switch places. No? Just us then.

This look at life as a newish-born baby really is eye-opening (that is if you’re not too tired).

Boo! Guess what? This baby is 10 weeks old!

My name is Miss I. My parents named me after a country they visited on their honeymoon. They considered naming me “Summer”, but I tricked them by arriving in Spring. I like tricking them – it’s fun! My hobbies include cluster feeding, nipple bruising, cat napping and waking up as soon as they think I am asleep. I am particularly good at interrupting mama when she attempts any of the following:

  • Pours a coffee
  • Turns on the shower
  • Reaches for her phone
  • Attempts a conversation, and:
  • My personal favourite – when she tries to have a nap!

It’s hilarious. My mum gets so exasperated. I also enjoy waking from a “deep” sleep as soon as the car engine stops or the pram arrives home. No more bumps, no more sleep for me! You’d think she’d realise this is what we babies do for fun. I mean she’s had three of us before!!

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It's fair to say the honeymoon period has not worn off and my girls are still utterly besotted with their baby sister. ???

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Don’t put me down!

I want to be held pretty much all the time. Why she keeps persisting with my cot is mind boggling. I like to be rocked, patted and coaxed to sleep. Who says the 4th baby just fits in? Not me. I say the 4th baby needs to speak up to be heard. I am not satisfied with being put on a mat and forgotten. I want to be heard LOUD and CLEAR! Speaking of my family, I think I’ve got three sisters although it’s hard to keep track. They are all besotted with me. It’s cute. Whatever I do they seem to find adorable. I smile, they smile. I fart, they laugh. I cry, they run for mama.

I’m a genius rainbow baby

My favourite party trick is poking my tongue out. I’ve just figured out how to do this and my mum seems to think I am some kind of genius. Clearly it doesn’t take much to impress her! I’m onto her tricks as well. She tries to sneak a look at her phone while she’s feeding me or cuddling me. My response is to scream and it quickly puts a halt to that sneaky behaviour. Screaming is really effective like that. But my mum is pretty cool. She calls me her “rainbow” baby. I have no idea what that means but I am guessing it means I am pretty special. When I smile at her she BEAMS. It’s pretty nice so I am doing a lot of that.

Mum’s a pushover

I don’t think I’ll sleep through the night for a long time but I know she forgives me. She talks tough, but she’s a pushover and never lets me cry for long. I think she maybe tried really hard to have me, which means I can do no wrong. LOL. I will definitely use this to my advantage!! I am really happy with this family. It’s noisy, busy, colourful and never dull – and that suits me just fine. I think we all struck gold. I’ll come back to you and give you another update when I am 20 weeks old…. gee that seems really, really OLD!!!

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Hope your Sunday goes alright. #slowsunday

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