Commemorate Pregnancy Loss Awareness Month with a gorgeous rainbow swaddle

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With pregnancy loss affecting huge numbers across Australia, the term Rainbow Baby is a familiar one for many families. Said to represent hope after a storm, a rainbow baby is a healthy baby born shortly after a miscarriage, loss, stillbirth or neonatal death.

Sadly, 103,000 couples report a miscarriage every year, and approximately one in four pregnancies end before 12 weeks.

The Pink Elephants Support Network

While parents will always remember the baby they lost, a Rainbow Baby represents the possibility of healing and the space for more love. With the help of organisations like the Pink Elephants Support Network, parents are supported to grieve for the baby they couldn’t keep, yet feel positive about the future.

This year, to help celebrate Rainbow Babies, Love To Dream is teaming up with the Pink Elephants Support Network with this gorgeous Rainbow Swaddle Up, where $5 from every purchase will be donated to the important work Pink Elephants do in supporting parents with early miscarriage and pregnancy loss.

Rainbow swaddle

A symbol of hope

Love To Dream founder, Hana-Lia Krawchuk says: “This initiative, together with the support of our wonderful retailers, will help raise much-needed funds for the Pink Elephants Support Network, so they can support more families experiencing loss, whilst at the same time helping parents celebrate their rainbow babies, providing a symbol of hope to other families.”

Its unique design allows baby to easily access their hands for self-soothing and cosy warmth, which will help your baby love sleep.

Don’t miss out on this beautiful rainbow design suited for both genders, and donate to a very worthy cause.

For more information or to purchase a swaddle, visit the website


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