The genius baby wipes hack every parent needs to know

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Parents the world over are praising this clever baby wipes container hack and wondering, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

When Californian mum Elizabeth Rasco posted a top idea she ‘accidentally discovered’ to her Facebook page, she probably didn’t think that it would be shared by over 100,000 people and go absolutely viral. 

The nifty idea involves turning an empty baby wipes container into a carry-all for those little nappy accidents that require a change of clothes. And let’s be honest – we’ve all been there.

She posted a series of photos as a kind of ‘how-to’ with captions to explain how to do it. We think you’ll agree it’s a top idea!

Turn a baby wipes container into a carry-all baby change station

(The Dollar Tree is a discount variety store chain in the US that generally sells goods for one dollar or less. Australian equivalents would be The Reject Shop, Choice discount stores, etc.)

Elizabeth later added a little detail she discovered to help the carry-all last even longer. 

So there you have it! Everything kept together in one nifty container. Clever, right? No wonder parents are rushing to create their own.


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