The Baby Dink: Surely the most comfortable way to carry your baby?

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There is nothing better than being able to carry your baby close, sharing that special bond and offering your child soothing comfort. And if you can have your hands free to do other much-needed stuff around the house – then even better.

Now Baby Dink has created the Classic Unisex Dink, an all-in-one newborn carrier that allows exactly that. With an innovative design, it’s simple to put on, comfortable to wear and appealing to both mum and dad.

Like putting on a t-shirt

The premium baby carrier is the first of its kind in Australia. Thanks to its unique t-shirt design, with no buckles, clips or confusing wrapping, it’s as easy as getting dressed. You simply put it on over your head. And as it’s made from lovely breathable stretch fabric, knitted for baby Dink in Melbourne and pre-shrunk to prevent sagging or stretching out of shape, it’s a dream for both parent and child alike.

Pop it on, enjoy that skin-to-skin closeness while your baby adjusts to her new surroundings and then get on with shopping, travelling, cleaning the house, walking the dog or anything else that needs to be done.

How does it work?

Designed to ensure good firm support for both wearer and child, you simply secure your hip support and your Baby Dink will not need to be further adjusted. The weight of your baby will be distributed evenly over your upper body, so it won’t tug on your shoulders or back – or give you any aches or pains.  It will also stretch as your little one grows and allow a little more bounce and rocking movement to offer even more comfort and relaxation.

Great for dads too

The best thing about this baby carrier – apart from its super comfortable design and soft-to-the-touch fabric – is that it’s ideal for dads who also want to share some special bonding time with their child. The newborn days can often involve a lot of one-on-one feeding time with mum, however this unisex carrier gives dad the opportunity to spend quality time with their baby as well. And in a range of attractive block colours, it’s suitable for everyone. In fact, the black carrier was made with dads in mind.

Fuss-free and durable, the Classic Unisex Dink is designed for babies up to four months of age or approximately seven kilograms in weight and it is available from size 6 to 18. And at the recommended retail price of $159, it is the perfect way for you to get on with your day while enjoying maximum cuddle time with your baby.


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