11 reasons to embrace babywearing with open arms

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They are as sweet as can be, but, truth be told, babies can be a tad self-centred. Ask any parent with a clingy newborn who refuses to be put down – babies don’t care if you have things to do and errands to run.

All they care about is being close to you. Happily, for the tired mamas amongst us, babywearing solves this problem and comes with a bunch of benefits too:

1. It provides freedom to parents

You can make dinner, fold washing, go for walks, run errands – all with bub securely attached to you. And you still have the use of both hands. Freedom!

2. It allows you to easily feed on the go

No need to take bub out of the carrier if he gets hungry. He can easily latch on in comfort from the carrier and you can continue what you are doing.

Mother breastfeeding baby in a sling standing in a field - feature

3. It helps you to understand the baby’s cues

Learning what your baby likes, doesn’t like and how he chooses to communicate those desires takes time, but the best way to learn is by spending time with him. Babywearing provides great opportunities to do just that.

4. It promotes a healthier lifestyle

Babies love to cuddle and while it’s always nice to take a time out and spend time cuddling in bed or on the lounge, babywearing allows you to get out of the house. You can hike, walk – you can even do squats if you want to – all while enjoying your baby’s sweet cuddles.

5. It promotes closeness and security

Physical contact is one of the best ways to create a feeling of security between a child and his parent. University of Queensland parenting researcher, Dr Koa Whittingham, says creating a secure attachment bond between a child and parent forms a solid foundation for the future.

Mother babywearing baby in carrier while at the sink

“A child with a secure attachment bond uses his or her parent as a secure base from which to confidently explore the world, as well as a safe haven to retreat to for guidance and comfort. Secure attachment forms a bedrock for a lifetime of mental health, wellbeing, and healthy, happy relationships,” she explains.

6. It decreases baby’s stress hormones

Because babies are familiar with the things they’ve heard and felt while in utero – like their mother’s heartbeat and breathing patterns – as well as the smells and warmth of their carers, babywearing gives them comfort and reduces stress.

7. It reduces crying and fussiness

Studies have shown that carrying babies reduces crying and fussiness – by up to 43 percent during the day and 51 percent at night.

8. It can help with reflux

Colic and reflux symptoms may be reduced by the activation of digestive pressure points when babies are carried in an upright position.

Mother carrying baby in a sling

9. It helps your baby sleep more soundly

Babies tend to sleep much better when they are close to you. Plus, carried babies also fall asleep quicker and have deeper sleep cycles.

10. It stimulates your baby’s growth hormones

A baby’s growth hormones are stimulated when carried, along with their cardiac output, circulation and muscular development.

11. It allows you to explore your world with your little one

Life doesn’t stop when you have a new baby. It changes, yes – but it changes for the better. Babywearing allows you to realise just how much fun parenting can be!

So many good reasons to embrace the babywearing lifestyle!


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