Best five kids’ gumboots

bergstein kids gumboots

Gumboots may be the single greatest design of footwear for children ever. Easy for kids to put on, they keep little feet dry – and as you can see from our top five kids’ gumboots they can be rather stylish.

berkstein kids gumboots

At the very top of our list has to be the eternally handsome Bergstein gumboots. With great European styling, they come in some beautiful, bold colours. They’re also very comfortable for cold days, thanks to cotton lining. They cost $59.95.

timber & tamber kids gumboots

There’s no fashion compromise when it comes to Australia’s own Timber & Tamber Rain Boots. A rainbow of colours, pretty bows and warm boot socks combine for some on-trend puddle jumpers. They starts at $37 a pair.

wellies online kids gumboots

If you’re desperately searching for a child’s gumboot for the youngest member of the family, we’ve found the home of Australia’s smallest wellington boot- Wellies Online. The designs are super cute and the boots have great grip to keep little ones upright in the rain. They cost $22.95.

polarn O pyret kids gumboots

If anyone knows how to deal with cold weather, it’s the Swedes. Hence they make some divine children’s gumboots. Polarn O Pyret children’s gumboots are super sturdy, and if your area is prone to some snow and sleet they would make a great investment for the kids. They start at US$32 for the baby-sized gumboots.

tretorn kids gumboots

And here’s another great Swedish label to round off what we think are the top kids’ gumboots. Tretorn gumboots are fully lined and PVC-free, so they help keep children’s feet warm and comfortable. They cost US$55.

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  1. Last year either Target or KMart had some almost the same as these. Mine are not exactly gentle on footwear but surprisingly they are still in very good condition. No surprise though, they no longer fit !

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