Articles by Lexi Klaebe

  1. Honey soy chicken recipe

    Looking for dinner inspiration of the kind you know the kids will eat, is budget friendly and tastes finger licking good? Our recipe for honey soy chicken is the answer!

  2. Tikitot shoes for the sweetest of tiny feet

    There’s something about teeny shoes for the tiniest of feet that makes me clucky and adding beautiful rose-gold coloured leather to the equation is only adding to my (temporary) out-of-control spiral. Be still my beating ovaries, for Tikitot baby shoes will get me every time. 

  3. Sesame snaps snack recipe

    Oh, sweet tasty sesame snaps, how I love you. This more-ish snack for the adults has quickly became a crunchy snack favoured by the kids in our home. Here’s how easy it is to make these lip-smacking good snacks yourself!


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