Articles by Lexi Klaebe

  1. 10 fun things to do with kids in Adelaide

    Adelaide, the city of churches, beautiful beaches and parklands. While this beautiful city might be smaller than its neighbouring state’s capitals, rest assured folks, there’s still plenty to do! Click on through to discover what you and the kids can get up to while visiting

  2. Teaching time is easy with Time Teacher watch

    This isn’t the first time I’ve made comment here on Babyology about how hard it was to help my children understand reading the time. My youngest child still falters from time to time and with that in mind, this ultimate gem of a teaching tool

  3. The newest time traveller, the TimeCapsule!

    What are the special mementoes you plan to keep from your baby’s first months? Their first tiny shoes, the candle from their first birthday cake, a favourite rattle, perhaps a little curl of their hair? Keep it all together for reminiscing once they’re grown and

  4. Top five posts in June

    As the abrupt cold snap of winter set in, you all turned to Babyology posts that delivered the warmest of fuzzies along with some serious indoor DIY inspiration. Click on through to see exactly which June posts were most loved by our Babyologists!

  5. Get motors running with an Adventure Rug!

    A spectacular car mat, a bucket of cars and some imagination is all it takes to rev up some serious floor play action. A play mat unlike any others I’ve seen,  this super stylish Scandinavian design is a decorator’s delight!