“In your bed??” Fans comment on Jamie and Jools’ “naughty” thumb-sucking son

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The thing about the internet is that if you post something, some people figure you’re seeking their critique. 

“Morning baby”

No matter that you might be enjoying and capturing a brief moment in time, or simply sharing a little glimpse of your everyday life. Some people assume the update is there to be scrutinised. That YOU’RE there to be scrutinised. Sigh.

A sweet photo of Jools and Jamie Oliver’s youngest little boy River was a recent target of this kind of chatter. 

The image shows cute River all snuggled up in his mum and dad’s bed, relaxed and sucking his thumb.

“Morning baby,” Jools posted alongside the sweet photo of her sleepy little boy.

But some of Jools’ ‘fans’ didn’t really think about why Jools might have posted the image. (We’re guessing she did because a) she loves her little boy and b) she wants to share his sweetness with the world.)

Some fans ran their eyes over the photo and found ways to put a negative spin on it.

“In your bed?????” one lady posted.

“Oooooo that naughty little thumb in the mouth. At least you guys can afford the orthodontist bill,” someone else wrote.

It’s hardly surprising that high profile parents like Jessica Simpson and Pink are choosing to turn off comments on many photos of their kids. They don’t want to have to face this sort of scrutiny, especially when they’re trying to share something that’s special to them.

River Oliver sucking his thumb

“They grow up too fast”

Some of Jools’ other followers swept in to leave encouraging comments and switch the negative narrative.

“Sweet little thumb in sweet little mouth, I think you meant,” one wrote in response to the orthodontist bill comment.

“I know many kids who sucked to double digits that never needed braces!” someone else wrote.

“The best place to be, eh?” one fan wrote under the comment about co-sleeping. “Cant beat those delicious morning snuggles as they mould perfectly into you… they grow up too fast.”

“Nothing wrong with a snuggle from your babies,” another supporter wrote. “As you know they grow so fast. And one day don’t want a cuddle. I love when my 10 year old comes for a snuggle. Who cares? Life’s too short.”

Life IS too short. Snuggle on, River.

jools and Jamie oliver



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