“Hiding while pooping” Chrissy Teigen talks the secret life of toddlers

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Chrissy Teigen took to Twitter last night to unpack the secret life of toddler pooping and we have to say we were all ears and nods.


Chrissy delightfully overshared her own toddler daughter Luna’s quest for privacy whilst filling her nappy – and the irony of this has not escaped us. Because we’re super smart.

“Hiding-while-pooping is my favorite thing about toddlers,” Chrissy explained. “I didn’t know it was a thing before kids. she creates a small, gated community or fort and you may not look at or speak to her for 10-15 mins. She will call for you, but it is a trick. You may not look.”

No, mama, no

She followed this frankly borderline anthropological discourse with a video of Luna in the wild (i.e. the living room) embarking on her “business”.

Please don’t freak out, because the untrained eye would have no clue what is going on. Luna appears to be going about her day, hiding under the family’s breakfast bar, clinging to a stool. And therein lies the clue, because something else is going on here and her mum knows what’s the what.

An internally tittering Chrissy pans across the room, focusing on her daughter who firmly says “No” when her mum says her name. She repeats this exchange, looking unimpressed at the interruption and returning to the job at hand. And that job is pooping. In case you hadn’t caught on.

“I’m done an onion”

While Chrissy did not accompany the video with Attenborough-style narration, it truly felt like Life On Earth type exploration and we thank her for her keen dedication to better understanding the human race.

Other parents responded to Chrissy’s educational poop-hide video, with their own stories from the toddler trenches.

“Both my kids will not poop if I’m in the bathroom. My youngest lets me know he’s done by shouting “IM A DONE ONION’” one wrote earnestly.

“We had the “pooping corner”. All children went there to poop,” another revealed.

“Haha. My oldest used to say “no daddies, no mommies” whenever we’d approach the hiding spot. Behind a curtain was a popular choice,” someone else wrote.


Chrissy is expecting her second child with husband John Legend in June, a little boy who will no doubt prompt many more brilliant and funny overshares of the kind that make other parents feel WAY less alone.

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