6 things all parents fight about during their baby’s first year of life

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The expectation is that you’ll both be immersed in a delightful and cosy baby bubble, snuggling your tot and beaming at each other across the breakfast table. The reality is you’ve got a sneaky newborn spew down your back, seven rice bubbles in your hair and a very unsympathetic and now strangely monstrous partner who is frankly lazy AND mean AND must be stopped.

Okay, we’re exaggerating, but we wanted to talk about some very common relationship snags and solutions – and to let you know that you’re in good company with these six upsetting pressure points.

1. Your sleep

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BEFORE you have a baby, you hear talk of the sleep deprivation, but you're fairly certain that a) you are prepared to tough it out and keep a smile on your face or b) YOUR baby will not be THAT kind of baby.

AFTER your baby arrives you not only are dead certain that your baby IS THAT KIND OF BABY, you also know that your partner is getting WAY more shut-eye than you and they must pay the price in snotty stares and exhausted shrieks - at least every now and then.

Part of parenting is ensuring everyone's needs and health are considered, so find some time to talk about this when you're not quite so distraught - and listen to one another kindly and take steps to provide some temporary relief, whatever you think the reality is.


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