Royal fans think this new video shows Meghan and Harry’s baby kicking

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A now viral video appears to show the royal mum-to-be quietly bracing after what social media users think was a swift kick from her baby!

“She felt that”

Meghan’s come under a barrage of unfair criticism for the way she’s navigating her pregnancy, with a chorus of critics taking her to task for cradling her baby bump.

Thankfully there’s been an equally passionate chorus clapping back in support of Meg and defending her right to approach her pregnancy in any way she chooses.

Now a new video has popped up on Twitter in further support of the Duchess. It shows Meghan at this week’s British Fashion Awards, cutely making reassuring contact with her bump. The footage shows the expectant royal on stage, hands under her bump. A second later she repositions her hands in what many are convinced is a response to her baby’s movement.

“She felt that kick,” Twitter user May posted alongside the clip. “Now everyone can calm down about her holding her bump, stay pressed.”

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And honestly? We’ve said this before and we’ll say it again. Meghan doesn’t need a reason to cradle, touch, hug or do anything else to her bump. She’s just married, in love and expecting a baby with the husband she obviously adores. Whatever is best for her sounds good to us!

Also? We’ll say this before and let’s say it again … Those sexist reports of a rift between the Duchesses really need to stop. Women aren’t always rivals and these two constantly speak out in support of one another.

“Cradle that baby!”

The royal fans of Twitter loved this footage and were sure they were witnessing baby Sussex on the move.

“This is the most beautiful thing ever,” one posted. “Baby Sussex is playing and ‘kicked’ Meghan.”

“Baby Sussex is having a whole party in there,” another decided. “She had to close her eyes!”

“Oh yeah, she tensed up for a split second,” someone else commented. “Cradle that baby mommy!”

“She was feeling the baby kicking,” a delighted fan asserted. “You could see in her face she twitched a little bit and jump and then she grabbed it with both arms!”

We’re always excited to catch a glimpse of the Duchess living her best pregnant life and can’t wait to hear more about this much anticipated little baby as well!


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