Duchess Meghan’s special new ring may send a message to her critics

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The Duchess of Sussex was spotted wearing a fortifying ring this week, the new piece of jewellery said to embody all kinds of positive powers.

Meghan's new ring

Helping hand

The Duchess was on a solo engagement to Brinsworth House, a residential care facility for elderly entertainers, where she told residents she was “very pregnant” and sported a delightfully big baby bump.

On this visit, the snuggly-coated and floral-frocked Meghan was also wearing a delicate gold ring. The ring features a Middle Eastern ‘Hamsa Hand’, a palm-shaped amulet which symbolises the hand of God. (This special hand symbol is also known as the Hand of Fatima or the Hand of Miriam in some religions and cultures.)

The Hamsa Hand is said to bring those who possess it health, happiness and good fortune in general, with Meghan’s fine rose gold and sapphire ring version crafted by Turkish brand Kismet by Milka.

Wearing the hand facing up is a universal sign against evil. Facing down means you’re opening yourself up to the universe’s abundance and goodness. In this down position, the hand is also said to bring fertility, good luck, and fulfilled prayers.

The eye in the middle of the hand is said to ward off the ‘evil eye’ and provide protection, which seems appropriate right now as Meg’s been the target of a LOT of unwarranted criticism since announcing her pregnancy.

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Positive vibes only

Royal watchers on Twitter were quick to spot the ring on Meghan’s finger and note that it “repels negativity”.

Hamsa Hand Ring Meghan Markle ring

“A ring of protection, very sweet!” one commented.



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