Unorthodox new website measures your unborn baby in Big Macs

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Not all pregnancies are created equal. In fact, that ‘pregnancy glow’ you hear about can take a little longer to appear for some (if it appears at all). 

Just ask new mum Nickey Winkelman who was determined to have a ‘fit’ pregnancy.

Her body, however, had other plans.

How big is your baby, now?

“It made me feel bad that I wasn’t eating healthier”

Falling victim to every bug under the sun, Nickey turned to her favourite comfort food – McDonald’s – more times than she wanted to admit.

Compounding the (admittedly small) amount of guilt she felt about that, were those ‘how big is your baby now’ charts doing the rounds. You know the ones where your baby is compared to random vegetables.

“I had never seen a kabocha squash, and I still don’t know what a jicama is. I kept thinking to myself that I couldn’t really get an accurate picture on what size they are. Like heirloom tomatoes to me are all different sizes,” Nickey told Parents.

“It made me feel bad that I wasn’t eating healthier while I was pregnant.

“I didn’t want to be staring at a chart full of leafy greens when the only thing my body was craving was burgers.”

The great Big Mac weigh-in begins 

So she did what any self-respecting McDonalds loving mum-to-be would do: she started measuring bubs in burgers.

Nickey and her partner, Gabriel Guyer, bought a Big Mac and weighed it.

“Every time I reached a new week, I’d post something on my Facebook like: ‘My baby is this many Big Macs!'”

Letting go of pregnancy perfectionism is good for everyone! 

The posts were so popular that Gabriel, a website designer, decided to share the joy and created a website, which has since gone viral, called How many Big Macs is your baby? 

Nickey is delighted with the site’s success and hopes it encourages other new mums to let go of perfectionism when it comes to pregnancy.

“It’s wonderful when you see these mums able to keep exercising and have a healthy diet when they’re pregnant … but I decided to take care of myself the best way I could [figuring] that’s what’s going to best for my baby.”


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