8 ways to keep your pregnancy on the down low during the first trimester

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Finding out you’re pregnant is super exciting but a lot of couples aren’t ready to share their news with others until they’re past the 12-week scan. Some feel it’s bad luck to announce their pregnancy too soon, while other couples simply want to enjoy their secret together before it becomes public knowledge. So how to keep your growing bump a secret in those early days?

Here are 8 ways to keep your pregnancy on the down low during the first trimester.


If you’re known for enjoying a drink or two, people are going to cotton on to something if they see you drinking orange juice. Of course, you can say it’s vodka and orange, or even explain that you’re on a juice cleanse. Here are some other ways to get around the alcohol scene:

1. Be seen with a drink

My best friend did this at my wedding and I didn’t suspect a thing. Newly pregnant (I found out later), she made sure she had a glass of wine in her hand all night, but she didn’t drink a drop of it. If you’re in this situation, just make sure you have a drink handy so no one questions your abstinence. Just bring the glass to your lips every now and then, and carry it with you to the bathroom, where you can pour some of it out. Voila, it’s a disappearing drink! 

2. Try a non-alcoholic wine 

Swap out wine for a non-alcoholic version. Edenvale has a selection of red, white and sparkling wine that you can drink without fear of taking in alcohol. These wines have been created through the same process as standard wine before the alcohol is removed, so their delightful flavours remain. Not only can you look like you’re joining in the drinking fun (and avoid any curious questions), but you’ll wake up hangover free! 

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Nausea and fatigue

It can be hard to hide a pregnancy if you’re looking green and falling asleep at your desk. But it’s possible to damage-control this situation to keep suspicions at rest.

3. Stockpile your remedies

Make sure you have a stockpile of whatever it is that keeps nausea at bay while you’re at work. Drink ginger ale, lemonade and plenty of water to keep hydrated and fend off nausea. Give yourself plenty of breaks where you can catch your breaths and conserve your energy.

4. Take care of you

If you’re feeling wiped out and too unwell to face work, call in sick. Your GP won’t tell anyone you’re pregnant, so you can go ahead and tell work anything you want.

5. Organise your schedule

If you know that your energy levels dip drastically in the afternoon, schedule important meetings and business calls for the morning. That way, you can chill in the afternoon and even duck out early without cutting into your workload.

The growing waistline

Many women don’t show at all during the first trimester, but you might notice your clothes becoming tighter towards the end, or earlier if this isn’t your first pregnancy. Here’s how you can hide a blossoming belly:

6. Wear loose clothes

If you’re used to wearing fitted clothes, it might be time to invest in some bigger sizes or looser fitting tops that can fall over your belly area, disguising any swelling. You can also adjust your trousers using a rubber band through the buttonhole. This should buy you some time in your regular clothes until it’s time to down the maternity route.

7. Hide under accessories

A cleverly draped scarf or cardigan can cover up your middle area, keeping eyes diverted from what’s underneath. Hiding behind your desk or holding your handbag across your belly whenever possible may also help to keep your bump under wraps.

Backup support

8. Find a side-kick

Even though you might not want to tell anyone about your pregnancy, consider confiding in one trusted friend that will keep your secret and help divert any attention. Not only can they cleverly back up your story, but they can also be someone you can vent too if you’re fed up, exhausted or anxious about the pregnancy.

But … you don’t have to keep quiet

Just so you know, there are no rules about when it’s safe to tell people about your pregnancy. If you’d rather tell people right away than wait until the twelve mark, go for it. They’ll be able to celebrate with you and support you through the challenges. And if you the worst happens, they’ll be there for you. Some think this is far better than suffering an early miscarriage alone. Do what’s right for you and your partner, and don’t get caught up in the ‘shoulds’ of early pregnancy.


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