“I get uncomfortable and insecure” Khloe Kardashian’s pregnancy sex struggle

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Chatting openly about the challenges of having sex when pregnant is still fairly stigmatised, but Khloe Kardashian’s having none of it. She’s finding pregnancy sex pretty confronting and awkward – and she’s keen to talk about it. Quel surprise!

“For me it’s been interesting”

Khloe’s pregnant with her first baby, with partner Tristan Thompson, and it’s fair to say that she’s already pretty closely acquainted with the pregnancy journey, thanks to her family. Sister Kourtney has three kids, Kim also has three (carrying two of them herself) and her sister Kylie has a newborn. Tristan’s already navigated pregnancy, albeit in a separated way, too. He’s dad to one-year-old Prince with former partner Jordan Craig.

Khloe said she’d heard things about sexuality during pregnancy, and is now having her own evolving experience.

“I have always heard that women are extra horny when they’re pregnant,” Khloe posted on her blog, “but for me it’s been interesting.” 

“Uncomfortable and limiting”

Khloe says she’s feeling considerably less nimble in the sack, but is attempting to adapt to her new dimensions.

“In the beginning, sex was the same. As I got into my third trimester and started to get bigger it became harder to have sex and a little more uncomfortable and limiting.”

The pair are apparently pushing on, and the mum-to-be notes that “amazing” Tristan ‘would never make me feel different in any way.'”

While her body is making her feel self-conscious and a little cumbersome, Khloe’s hanging in there and giving it her best shot. Because … IN LOVE. She notes that she’s probably not the only one feeling weirded out and admits she’s not used to being quite so passive.

“I’m sure it’s uncomfortable for a man to have sex with a pregnant woman too. Personally, I get uncomfortable and insecure. Also, you can’t move the same, so you kind of feel useless, LOL. But you just have to improvise and do the best you can,” she advised.

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❥ Officially 6 months ❥

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“I was just in shock”

Khloe recently revealed that she’d always wanted to have a baby, but assumed she would not be able to easily conceive due to some potential issues with her ovaries.

“When I got pregnant, I was just so surprised. ‘Cause you keep getting told — you know when you hear all these things about yourself, you just start believing them. And, I was just in shock. I think, as much as everybody else was,” Khloe recalls.

The couple confirmed the pregnancy in December of 2018, on Instagram. Then last month, Khloe hinted at her due date with a photo celebrating “officially 6 months”. This suggests she’s due in mid-late April – and we can not wait to find out the baby’s name!


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