Ova and out! Sophie Monk Instagrams her egg retrieval procedure

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Popular The Bachelorette star and former Bardot member Sophie Monk has followed through on her assertion that she’d be freezing some eggs ASAP, undergoing an egg retrieval procedure with the good folk at Monash IVF.

Ova the moon!

Last month Sophie turned up at Monash IVF for a procedure which confirmed she was suffering from endometriosis. This month, Sophie’s back with her Monash homies, this time retrieving eggs for a possible future baby Monk.

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Tomorrow night I had to HOLD back tears @loveislandau I’m too emotional for this. I love this outfit btw but swipe right for the reality of how crap I am ? Outfit: @houseofcb Earrings: @tilly_jewellery Styling: @kim_capital_l H&M: @bynormie Photography: @gt_creatz

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Sharing the experience via her Instagram stories, Sophie said she’s been prepping for her egg retrieval for the last couple of weeks and was looking forward to seeing the results of all those injections. She also noted that she was “a lil high still”.

“So I’m back in this lovely red carpet outfit,” Sophie explained, “because I haven’t told anyone, but the last 14 days I’ve been injecting myself to freeze my eggs. I’m gonna check in a second and see how many I’ve laid. Hopefully, it’s a lot. Wish me luck.”

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A dozen follicles!

Next minute a groggy Sophie is informed that her retrieval went really well and that Monash’s Dr Kee Ong has extracted more follicles than they’d hoped for.

“I had 12 follicles and Dr Kee was hoping for 8… my reaction to the number,” Sophie posted on Instagram.

The process of retrieving eggs begins with a series of hormone injections to stimulate egg production. A procedure then follows – under general anaesthetic – where the fluid from the follicles on a woman’s ovaries is extracted. This fluid contains a woman’s eggs. Fertility specialists then identify the mature eggs in the fluid, remove them and snap freeze them. They can then remain frozen until required.

Sophie Monk egg retrievalSophie Monk egg retrievalSophie Monk

“No side effects”

Keen to encourage others who have been thinking about undergoing fertility treatment, Sophie said she’s had a brilliant experience – and that her mum had been a huge help.

“So for anyone thinking about freezing their eggs like me for a preventative or maybe medical reasons, I’ve gotta say I had no side effects whatsoever,” Sophie explained on Instagram.

“I know every woman’s different … I had Mum injecting me, didn’t I Mum?” she continues, panning the camera around to show her mother sitting by her bed.

Sophie Monk egg retrieval

It’s unclear if Sophie has a commercial arrangement with Monash IVF which is leading her to document her procedures, or whether she’s sharing to raise awareness of how fertility treatment plays out. 


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