“Just have a blast” – Amy Schumer shares hilarious video from her IVF procedure

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Amy Schumer has just undergone an egg retrieval procedure and she’s shared some pretty endearing footage of herself under the influence of some kind of anaesthetic.

Two videos uploaded to Instagram show Amy requesting the return of her surgical hat and offering some encouraging words to her husband, Chris Fischer.

Egg day

Late last week Amy shared a photo of her bruised belly explaining that she’s deep in the throes of fertility procedures and asking for advice.

“I’m a week into IVF and feeling really run down and emotional,” she captioned that image

“If anyone went through it and if you have any advice or wouldn’t mind sharing your experience with me please do. My number is in my bio. We are freezing my eggs and figuring out what to do to give Gene a sibling.”

Today Amy’s undergone egg retrieval, with the ultimate aim of freezing a bunch of embryos. She was understandably a little bit under the weather as her recovers from her procedure.

Where is my hat?

Two videos shared on her Instagram account show her woozy but as hilarious as ever.

“Am I still wearing my hat?” Amy asks a giggling Chris as she lays on a hospital bed.

“No,” Chris clarifies.

“Well where did it go?” an indignant Amy asks.

Chris: “I don’t think you need to wear it anymore. Do you want to put it back on?” 

“Yes!” Amy says decisively.

A second video shows her suggesting they head to a bar now that the egg retrieval is done and dusted.

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Let me be your life coach. 🥚

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“You only need one”

Amy’s followers loved catching a glimpse of this lighthearted but potentially life-changing time in Amy’s life. They were quick to offer supportive words, and encouraged her in her efforts to give her son Gene a brother or sister.

“Ahhh the post-anesthesia haze,” one reminisced.”Is this real life?! Hope your retrieval went well!

“I hope they got lots of eggs!!! But also remember you only need one!! Good luck!” another fan posted.

“I’ve gone through 6 egg retrieval’s and the anesthesia wearing off is hilarious. One time I thought they forgot my eggs,” someone else commented in solidarity.

We wish this excellent couple all the success with their IVF and love them even more for sharing their experience.


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