Genius IVF app helps women prepare for their cycle and wait for results

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Just when we thought we’d seen every clever app in the history of clever apps, the Mindful IVF app pops up and proves us wrong!

Prioritising mental and physical health

This excellent and helpful app focuses on prioritising mindfulness and meditation techniques in the hopes that this will help ease the stress many women endure during the phases of their IVF cycle. The aim is a “happier, healthier”experience.

The app has a free IVF Start programme which takes women through the various stages of their IVF cycle.

There are also paid programmes that help women push through the 2 week wait for results and one for ‘Pre and Post Transfer Day’. 

“Today’s science proves the importance of mindfulness and meditation during your IVF cycle. We have just made it easy for you to do,” the app’s makers say.

“No running off to courses after work, use the Mindful IVF app in your time and your space for 10-12 minutes a day.”


“A useful process”

So is this ‘a thing’ you might be wondering? The folk at Monash IVF say sort of … and if it helps then absolutely GO FOR IT!

“Meditation trains the mind to promote relaxation,” they note on their website. 

“While there’s no evidence of a direct link between meditating and increased fertility, it can be a useful process when having fertility treatment. It doesn’t affect your fertility treatment or medication, so stick with it if it helps you feel calm.”

There is no denying that meditation and mindfulness can help quiet the mind when you’re feeling anxious, trying for a baby or not.

Stop racing minds

What are women saying about this app, you might be wondering? So far the reviews seem great.

“This app is amazing, it kept me calm throughout my IVF cycle and now into my pregnancy,” one mum wrote. “When my mind was racing with worry I was able to relax and sleep. I’d never done meditation before because I thought it was too difficult but this has been life changing.”

“I wish I had of found this sooner! And I wish it went passed the first twelve weeks … otherwise it would be 5 stars!!”

Turns out that Mindful IVF are adding programs that extend past the early stages of pregnancy.

“We are currently in development of the 2nd and 3rd trimester. Launching soon!” they say.


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