Couple who struggled with fertility for five years share their HUGE news

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Hannah Berryman and Adam Fairbrass have been trying to have a baby for five years, but month after month the couple failed to fall pregnant.

A hard road

Hannah began documenting her response to the numerous pregnancy tests she took, and their first steps into fertility treatment, splicing them together in a brilliant video that truly captures the emotional journey trying to have a baby can be for many hopeful couples.

The hope was that she’d eventually capture some good news – a pregnancy – on video.

“The hard reality is 1 in 8 couples in the UK struggle to start a family, and we happened to fall into that statistic,” Hannah wrote on Facebook as she shared the clip.

“It’s because of this and the taboo that surrounds the topic that we decided to be open from the very beginning.”

“Over the last couple of years, Adam and I decided to document and video everything; the good times, the hard times, and our reaction (along with some friends and family’s reactions) following our positive outcome to what will be, hopefully, our happy ending.”

The footage Hannah shared really does capture the incredible disappointment fertility problems can bring. We’d be surprised if it didn’t bring you to tears.

Happy pregnant couple

Hannah and Adam eventually sought treatment from a fertility specialist, and after one false start – and more specialist visits – they were able to undertake subsidised IVF.

First time’s a charm

Amazingly – spoiler alert! – Hannah fell pregnant on her very first cycle, much to the delight of family and friends.

IVF has approximately a 40 percent chance of working each cycle,” Hannah wrote alongside her post, “however the statistic of it working first time is only 18 percent. So many of us going through this journey in silence experience a pain like no other. We are so beyond thankful that, for us, we have fallen into that 18%, but this isn’t always the case.”

Sharing their very long path to parenthood, Hannah says the difficulty of those pre-pregnancy years will stay with her. She urges us not to forget couples who are experiencing similar challenges.

“There are millions more of other couples whose stories are still unheard,” she points out. “The pain we experienced throughout the last 5 years will never truly be forgotten and will stay with us always, even when we finally have our little ones in our arms.”

Huge congratulations to this pair – and a huge thank you for sharing such a personal journey and raising awareness of the challenges fertility problems can bring.


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