Chinese ‘Delivery Bars’ let men experience the ‘real’ pain of labour

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You know when people say, whatever will they think of next? 

Never has that phrase been more artfully applied than to this news nugget from China.

Apparently, a Chinese shopping mall has taken ‘experiences’ to the next level.

Cue the “Delivery Bar”. 


Technology’s answer to empathy or biology or just sheer terror. It’s hard to know. 

Either way, the Delivery Bar is a computer simulation of the stabbing pains of contractions, designed to feel exactly like a woman’s experience of labour.

And it was essentially created for men to experience exactly how it feels to give birth. Or, as close as possible anyway.

According to sources on Instagram, the results are anything but quiet, with the sounds of men screaming throughout the mall. 

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It’d take a brave man to try this, right?

Um, ouch.

Going by the limited amount of information on the aptly named Delivery Bar, it’s not clear whether it was created to bring pain to men’s lives or just give women a searing sense of justice.

Either way, the only real question I’m left with is – why would you do it yourself?

Seriously. Contractions hurt like hell. And with no supportive, soothing hormones coursing through your veins. Or even a baby at the end.

Huh? Hell NO.

Surely there’s a good movie on at the cinema instead? 


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